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About the Coatings Inspector Program

The newly revised, AMPP Coatings Inspector Program is the result of over 30 years of coating inspection certification excellence from NACE and SSPC. Organizations worldwide recognize and specify its predecessors — NACE Coatings Inspector Certification Program (CIP) and SSPC Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) programs. The curriculum is still extensive under AMPP and continues to provide a solid coatings foundation that strengthens the industry's inspectors and their practices by combining classroom study, discussion, and hands-on practice.

Who is the Coatings Inspector Program for?

This program is designed for anyone interested in a career in coatings inspection or who wants to learn more about protective coatings for a variety of assets (pipelines, storage tanks, key infrastructure, and more).

This program is designed for:
  • Coatings Inspectors
  • Coatings Applicators and Blasters
  • Specifiers, Owner’s representatives, and Technical salesmen

Basic Coatings Inspector / CIP Level 1 Course

Certified Coatings Inspector / CIP Level 2 Course