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Cathodic Protection

Tuesday, 8th October 2024

Cathodic protection systems innovations and technologies have increased in the last few years. Technology suppliers and end users have shown a big demand in establishing new means of applying and monitoring cathodic protection systems. The rapid industrial revolution have led to a remarkable enhancement in monitoring the cathodic protection systems using digitalization and remote monitoring advanced technologies.

Agenda as it follows:

  • The basics of metals & corrosion
  • Basic potential measurement techniques of metals in solution
  • Half-cell potential survey techniques for steel in concrete
  • Resistivity survey techniques for steel in concrete
  • Calibration & checking of NDT equipment
  • Galvanic Anodes (Repair Enhancers) for steel in concrete
  • Introduction to the concept of CP
  • Basic CP system measurements & data recording
  • Introduction to electrical safety in CP
  • Cathodic Design for pipelines
  • Cathodic Design for Tanks
  • Stray Current
  • Cathodic Protection failures and issues

Join AMPP Oman chapter event that addresses the importance of cathodic protection systems and the new innovations. Learn more about how the new technologies are helping the end users in monitoring CP systems and optimized the time and cost.

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