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Surface Preparation, Coating & Paints

26th September, 2023 | Grand Millennium Hotel, Muscat, Oman

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This workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive and advanced understanding of surface preparation, coatings, and paints in the context of asset protection and maintenance. It caters to professionals working in industries where corrosion prevention, coatings application, and surface preparation are paramount.

Workshop Objective

  • Advanced Surface Preparation Techniques: Explore advanced surface preparation methods, including abrasive blasting, acid etching, and surface profiling, focusing on best practices and industry standards.
  • Coating Selection and Specification: Learn how to select the right coatings for specific environments, considering factors such as corrosion resistance, temperature, and substrate material. Understand the process of creating coating specifications that adhere to industry standards.
  • Coating Application Technologies: Gain insights into the latest coating application technologies, including spray, brush, and roller application, as well as specialized methods like plural component spraying.
  • Quality Control and Inspection: Delve into quality control and inspection techniques to ensure coatings meet industry standards. Understand how to identify and rectify coating defects.
  • Corrosion Protection Strategies: Explore comprehensive corrosion protection strategies, including the use of sacrificial anodes, cathodic protection systems, and the latest developments in corrosion-resistant coatings.
  • Case Studies and Industry Trends: Analyze real-world case studies showcasing successful corrosion protection and coatings projects. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, including innovations in coatings technology and sustainability.

Workshop Format: The workshop will feature a blend of expert presentations, interactive discussions, hands-on demonstrations, and opportunities for networking with peers and industry experts.

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